Various types of reinforced concrete beams may be needed for additional support, either within the structure or by way of joining the slab to pillars or columns.

The width and depth of reinforced concrete beams plus the number and size of the rebar needed in them, are all aspects defined by our structural engineer and designed specifically to cater for our client’s needs.

Typical beams in the industry are known as Strip Beams, Down stand beams, Up stand beams. The steel in them need to be housed in shutters during concrete placement. Generally, the shutters are made of wood or formwork which are taken out after the concrete is cured. There is however the possibility of having the shutters made of angle line and expanded metal. When this is done, the cage is not removed and become part of the structure. The use of cage beams is favoured when the lines of the beams need to be perfectly aligned and/or, when working at altitude and in areas where personnel could be endangered whilst performing their duties.

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